Price Predictions 2021 2025 for Elrond, Bitcoin, Kusama, Chainlink, Monero, Cosmos, Voyager Token


Today we are diving on The Fibonnaci Circles, we will make Price Predictions for Bitcoin BTC, Elrond EGLD, Kusama KSM, Voyager VGX, Monero XMR, Chainlink LINK and Cosmos ATOM. Crypto chart Analysis for trading. Technical Analysis Tips.

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Hi everyone,
Mr Fibonnaci was a Italian and one of the most talented Western Mathematician of the Middle Ages.. Today is famous among pro traders for this sequence of Fibonacci numbers than simply drawing Fibonacci retracement and fibo extension levels.. If you want to truly harness the power of Fibonacci numbers, you should also consider using tool such as Fibonacci Circle. With traditional Fibonacci retracements levels, there is no way to predict when the price of an asset might reach these levels.
the best aspect of Fibonacci Circle or Fibonacci Arc is it adds the element of the time horizon to the chart. So, we can pinpoint exactly when the price will react to a certain support or resistance level in the future and prepare our entries and exit..

Today I will show you some coins that I was able to decrypt using the Fib Circles.

Bitcoin BTC Price Prediction 2021 2025
Elrond EGLD Price Prediction 2021 2025
Kusama KSM Price Prediction 2021 2025
Monero XMR Price Prediction 2021 2025
Chainlink Link Price Prediction 2021 2025
Cosmos Atom Price Prediction 2021 2025
Voyager VGX Price Prediction 2021 2025

Next resistance targets for Elrond :

Possible we are going to grab the liquidity on the Neckline at 44$ before.

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